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Article: hanson with dave barnes

By | October 14, 2008

Hanson with Dave Barnes Bono called their music ‘genius’. Hip producers like the Dust Brothers and Stephen Lironi worked with them early on, even before millions of fans screamed their names and critics applauded them. But for Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, it’s always been about the music, and there’s always been a message in… Read More »

Pittsburgh 10/13/2008

By | October 14, 2008

1. Something Going Round 2. Higher (cover) 3. Been There Before 4. A Minute Without You 5. Follow Your Lead 6. Great Divide 7. Penny and Me (acoustic) 8. Go (acoustic) 9. Change In My Life (acoustic) 10. Blue Sky (Electric) 11. Where’s The Love 12. Can’t Stop 13. Use Me (Cover) 14. Hope It… Read More »