Article: Hanson entertains hometown

By | September 23, 2008

Hanson was in town again this weekend, a little out of the way of their “Walk Around the World” tour, for QuikTrip’s 50th Anniversary Festival.

The event, held at River West Festival Park, featured a host of performances. The music began at noon and culminated with Hanson’s headliner performance at 7:50 p.m. Entrance was free, and tickets were available at all QT locations.

Thankfully, their music has longevity; it was just as good of a concert as I remember from elementary school.

The show started with the powerful song “Great Divide” from their most recent album, “The Walk.” The songs that followed, for the most part also from “The Walk,” kept the show at a good pace.

Six songs in, a second keyboard was added to the stage for Leon Russell, also a headliner of the Anniversary Festival. Their rendition of “Tulsa Time” turned out to be the high point in the show, despite Russell seeming somewhat overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the younger performers.

The Hansons then took a mellower three-song interlude, featuring acoustic guitars and a bongo drum for drummer Zac. Here is where their signature tight harmony and smooth vocals were most evident, although at no point in the show did they let their sound slacken.

After mentioning their current effort to do their part to help AIDS victims in Africa, the band played a brand-new song called “Follow Your Lead,” about the ability of average people to make a difference. The song was excellent and its tone pervasive, which helped to keep the moment from seeming like some celebrities’ perfunctory nod toward the less fortunate.

Overall, the show was highly entertaining. Hanson has a great way of showing how much fun they are having on stage. From covers of Motown and Beatles music, to a rendition of (what else?) the famous “MMMBop,” the brothers’ impressive vocals and expert sync make Hanson a great show for all—fan, or someone just taking advantage of a great free show.


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