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Site Updates & Penny contest

As you may have noticed, I’ve been adding a lot of new content to the blog. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because I have been back dating everything. All the set lists I could find (so far) have been back dated to the date of the show – all the way back to 1998’s Albertane Tour. A list… Read More »

Penny Design Contest

Most of you are aware that HansonTickets.com sponsored an “I Have Hope” Penny with proceeds from its sales going to HIVSA. We have decided to do this again, this time for a charity based in the USA. (Charity is still TBD but it will be to benefit music education in schools – leave suggestions in the comments) We… Read More »

New Myspace Blog

Follow Your Lead Hanson is in the process of setting up a donation box right on their myspace page so it is easy to donate. Check out their blog for more details Also – dont forget that hansontickets is selling pennies for donations to HIVSA. Only a little more than 30 pennies are left and I am anxious… Read More »

HIVSA pennies

Last night, our second donation amount surpassed our first! We have currently raised $268 for HIVSA in this second wave of fund raising, bringing our total to over $500!!! When I started this project, I had a goal of selling 300 pennies and raising at least $250. Now, with under 40 pennies left to be sold – I… Read More »

Update on I Find Hope pennies

Amount of pennies left: Around 50 Current donation amount: Almost $250. As I previously had mentioned – Global Strategies will be forwarding whatever is raised over to HIVSA. They have also sent me a letter in recognition of the first donation which can be viewed on the donation thanks page. [polldaddy poll=”899904″] [polldaddy poll=”899906″]

HIVSA pennies

Late last year, Hansontickets.com sponsored the creation of some ‘Hanson pennies’ which are being sold for a minimum donation of $1 per penny. In March, we reached our initial goal of $250+ and a check was mailed to HIVSA via Global Strategies for $265. These pennies were limited to a pressing of 300 and there are approximately 60… Read More »