HIVSA pennies

By | August 21, 2008

Late last year, sponsored the creation of some ‘Hanson pennies’ which are being sold for a minimum donation of $1 per penny. In March, we reached our initial goal of $250+ and a check was mailed to HIVSA via Global Strategies for $265.

These pennies were limited to a pressing of 300 and there are approximately 60 left. For more information, check out the DONATE page on, or email

The second and final donation will be mailed out once all the pennies are gone and is currently approximately $230, which means that our total donation will be over $500!

In the near future I will be posting the letter I recently received from Global Strategies as some seemed to doubt that the money was actually going to be making its way to HIVSA, as we promised.

We are considering creating a 2nd penny for 2009 – if anyone has any ideas on (Hanson related) charities or designs – please comment!

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