Site Updates & Penny contest

By | June 17, 2009

As you may have noticed, I’ve been adding a lot of new content to the blog. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because I have been back dating everything. All the set lists I could find (so far) have been back dated to the date of the show – all the way back to 1998’s Albertane Tour. A list of what is missing is “coming soon” (Or if you are a member, head on over to Tour Talk and check out my posts there – I have also posted some lists in the livejournal hanson community)

A new layout will be coming to shortly – I hope to have it done by the time tour dates are released for the Fall Tour – or by the time the tour kicks off. (Without knowing specifics its hard to judge if I’ll get it done in time for the announcement of dates!)

I can give you a bit of a “sneak peak” of what is going to be posted – all the dates will not only have the tickets (where available) posted, but will also have the set lists posted (where available) Also being posted will be checklists so you can keep track of what songs you have heard live. I am working on checklists now for cover songs and original Hanson songs by album. These will be PDFs that you can print out and add to your journal, scrapbook, etc. In order to keep track of what you have and haven’t heard (in case you ever get the chance to request a song, you’ll know which ones to pick!)

Everything is being re-vamped and will be split up by years, not by tours and promo/official. That seemed to confuse a lot of people so I am hoping listing everything by years will make the site a bit easier to navigate.

I have received no entries yet for the penny contest. You have just under 2 weeks to get your creative juices flowing. Information on the contest can be found in the sticky post above. Entries must be in by June 30th. If we receive no entries, the penny fundraiser will be postponed, but I do intend to try and come up with something for a Music in Schools US charity.

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