The Suggestion Box Is Open!

By | January 11, 2024

*Priority is going to be fixing the reset password and log in issues that are currently going on, but once that’s done I’ll be looking for something fun to try!*

The suggestion box is once again open!  At the end of 2022, I challenged myself to try and add 1 new feature a month for all of 2023.  I am happy to report that I was successful with that endeavor.  I do still have a bit of a back log of some past suggestions I will be working through, but am always looking for more ideas about what you’d like to see!  I am completely self taught and will look into attempting anything that is suggested (within reason).  Sometimes it take me years to figure it out, but I almost always do!  Leave a comment or email with any thoughts or ideas you have, and I’ll see what I can come up with!

January – Milestone show surprise

February – Songs Played Live by album [from a suggestion]

March – Shows by Date

April – Albums on Lyrics pages [from a suggestion]

May – Users at shows, Public member pages [from a suggestion]

June – Numbered shows! [from a suggestion]

July – % heard  [from a suggestion]

August – Photo Gallery

September – Albertane Tour ‘Zine

October – Concert Achievements

November – (More) Concert Achievements

December – Shows with others! [from a suggestion]


As always, if you like the work I’ve been doing and would like to help offset the hosting costs of the website I do have a virtual tip jar! Any amount helps!

Virtual Tip Jar

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