New Feature – Concert Achievements!

By | October 22, 2023

In honor of Zac’s birthday, we have decided to release some new achievements to public profiles. These Achievements go hand in hand (ha) with the tour patches already available there.

Album Achievements

Albums have 3 potential categories
Album Achievement – You’ve heard all the songs off of the album live [raffle ticket]


B-Side Bonus – You’ve heard all the songs off the album and at least 1 B-Side or Bonus track [wristband]

Super Bonus – You’ve heard all the songs off the album and ALL the B-Sides and Bonus tracks [VIP Pass]

(Note: While it is created, the Anthem Super Bonus is unable to be obtained as all the bonus songs have not yet been performed live.  The Album Achievement for Against the World and Red Green Blue have been created but are unable to be obtained as the full albums have not yet been performed live)

To view your profile you can click the link available on any setlist page for a concert you have attended or visit where “USERNAME” is your hansonstage username.  Switch out your username with your friends to see their achievements as well.

As always with new features there is the possibility that there will be glitches. If anything doesn’t seem right with your account please contact Include your username, what page isn’t working and what device / web browser you are using.  Screen shots are a plus! We will do what we can to troubleshoot and correct it for you.

Additional information about each of these achievements can be found on the Achievements FAQs page.

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