New Feature – Shows with Others!

By | December 15, 2023

From the suggestion box! This feature will not be available on mobile but it IS available on desktop devices starting today!  This is the result of a suggestion from someone who wanted to see if logged in and looking at their friends shows, if there could be something added to note if you were both at the same show.  Much like the musical note to denote which shows you’ve heard songs at, I decided to go with a heart.

To make this feature work, make sure you are logged in and then type into the URL where “FRIENDSUSERNAME” is replaced with your friends username. (If you’d like to see what shows you’ve done with me use

As always with new features there is the possibility that there will be glitches. If anything doesn’t seem right with your account please contact Include your username, what page isn’t working and what device / web browser you are using.  Screen shots are a plus! I will do what we can to troubleshoot and correct it for you.

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