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HNET Newsletter- June 1, 2017

WEEKLY PIC As we head into the first show of the Middle Of Everywhere, the future is bright. Who is going to be joining us tonight for our first show in Germany? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Today we are playing the first official show for the Middle Of Everywhere world tour.  It has been a whirlwind week leading… Read More »

Throwback Thursday: Bethany

“August 2, 2010. My first pic “with” Hanson before my first concert. I’m the one gawking awkwardly at Zac from behind. While this was happening, my phone was blowing up with tweets from people who spotted me on the walk livestream. So not only did I get to meet Hanson, I had friends (many fairly new, since I… Read More »

Hanson on the sofa

London Live It’s 25 years since the American band Hanson first appeared on the music scene. They spent the 90s with legions of fans and a single that turned them into a global success. Mmm Bop went to number 1 in 27 countries. Now, the brothers are back with a new single, and two dates coming up in… Read More »

JUSTIN JOHNSON: In an mmmbop

SC Now First in the (Not Technically) Summer (Yet) Music Series I remember it like it was 20 years ago. (I mean … because it was.) In 1997, my seventh-grade class went on a trip to Atlanta for a few days. It was — at the time — the longest I had ever been away from home. My parents and… Read More »

Hanson at Hop Jam

GTR News HALL OF FAMERS: Hanson, who will be celebrating 25 years of playing music together locally, nationally and globally, has reached another milestone when the group was added to the roster at this year’s Hop Jam in Tulsa, where they were recently induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Jim Blair, executive director for the OMHOF,… Read More »

Hanson explain how they escaped the fate of child stars

Metro Guilty Pleasures HANSON consider themselves lucky to have escaped the fate of child stars who enjoyed fame at an early age only to go off the rails in later life… such as Michael Jackson. The trio, who hit the big time in 1997 with catchy ditty MMMBop, checked in with Guilty Pleasures for an exclusive chat. And… Read More »

June News Roundup

The Middle of Everywhere Tour kicks off tonight! Here are some news articles from around the world that have been written about the tour, new single and other TV appearances the band has made. Hanson back with new song for their 25th anniversary [WGN TV] Hanson released a super-cute video clip starring all 12 of their kids [ Tone Deaf] Good… Read More »