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J.R. Moore Sings Penny and Me

You may remember J.R. Moore as the frontman of Ingram Hill who opened for Hanson back in 2004.  He recently covered Penny and Me on  Facebook live performance. Check it out! Taken from a Facebook Live session. You can hear the whole story behind this song/band and me at my Check my website for tour dates. And… Read More »

One Hanson Song at Summerfest Held a Mirror Up to Milwaukee

The Squeaky Curd The Hanson brothers, that glorious blonde trio of preteens, is indeed still around some 25 years later making wonderful new music (and babies) and touring the country on their own label. As I dive back into the second weekend of the 2017 Summerfest, I can’t help but reflect on Hanson’s act during the previous weekend and how a lesser-known song off their… Read More »

Isaac Hanson

Sea FM Hanson are back with new music. They’ve been in the business for over twenty years so Lee and Jess asked Isaac what has changed for them over the past two decades.

Hanson Deliver 25 Years

KROCK Australia In celebration of the band’s 25th Anniversary, multi-Grammy nominated pop-rock trio HANSON toured Australia with their anniversary album and new single “I Was Born”. “Making music together for 25 years is a milestone that we had to acknowledge, and what better way to do it than an anniversary tour,” said keyboardist Taylor Hanson. Added guitarist Isaac… Read More »

Hanson Announces ‘Greatest Hits’ Album Due September

PopCrush Tibrina Hobson, Getty Images Hanson has announced the upcoming release of a greatest-hits compilation album which will combine songs from their six studio albums, plus their newest single “I Was Born.” Over two CD’s, plus a digital download, the album will ship this fall on Sept. 8. The band’s career has spanned over two decades, though they are… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

Excluding the MOE Tour that is currently in progress, The Albertane Tour had the least unique songs performed live during it, only 25, probably due in part to the band’s smaller catalog back in 1998! Which Hanson tour has had the most dates on it?