’90s Stars Who Helped Us Drink More Milk

By | August 7, 2014


Remember when Tony Hawk was THE man? Or when Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar ran the world? Or that time you thought you had a shot at marrying Joshua Jackson? Looking back at Body By Milk’s Got Milk? campaign reminds us of our favorite characters and crushes that we may or may not admit to being obsessed with in the ’90s.

These ads were known for being witty, sexy, and actually, quite informative. They taught us that Hanson drank “MMMmilk” when writing songs other than “MMMbop.” In the ’90s, young LeAnn Rimes sung about broken hearts, but wouldn’t dare mention broken bones. Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys can thank milk for allowing them to hit those high notes that made the ladies crazy.

Whether or not you kept a secret collection of these ads back in the day, looking at them now makes us thirsty for a blast from the past. Check out some of our favorites, above.

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