Daily Archives: August 11, 2014

Hanson – Melbourne 2014

AMH Network Picture this – it’s 1997 and a venue full of screaming teenage girls (much like a modern day One Direction concert) are all sweating with excitement and anticipation for their dream boys to take the stage. The lights dim, the girls scream so hard that they pass out and a very young Hanson take the stage. Now imagine… Read More »

Hanson – 8th August 2014 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Renowned For Sound The first thing I thought when I walked through the doors of Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night for a skip through nineties pop nostalgia was, ‘Well, you’ve gotta given these boys some serious credit for this”. The pop landscape is a ruthless one and it’s been more unforgiving to bands with a lot more commercial… Read More »

We Have A Beer With Hanson

Mix 1023 Joda, Soda, Snowy and our lucky prize winner Bernadette headed down to SA Brewing to meet and greet Hanson!Bernadette won the prize for being “Adelaide Biggest Hanson Fan”. She told us:“In 2005 I met Hanson out the front of the Mix 102.3 station, after getting there at 1am in the morning. We tried to follow them… Read More »

Hot Heels

b-side scene After having my name ticked off the door list, I sheepishly join the two lines that are growing from the pavement and converging into one dense line at the bottom of the stairs. It’s a Wednesday night at the Cooly Hotel and having worked all day and battled thick peak hour traffic from Brisbane, I’d normally… Read More »