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#TBT Hanson perform ‘MMMBop’

Nova Forget One Direction, forget Bieber and 5 Seconds of something. Anyone who grew up in the 90s knows that the only boy band worth ever knowing about was is Hanson. The first time you heard MMMBop on the radio, you probably went home that day and recorded the song with your cassette recorder to add it to your homemade… Read More »

Today Show Photos

Some photos from The Today Show’s twitter from Hanson’s appearance on their show today

Exclusive Clips Hanson performs on the TODAY show

  August 08, 2014: They’re the band of brothers who have maintained a massive fan base since bursting onto the scene in the 90s with the smash hit single ‘Mmmbop’ – Hanson joins the TODAY show to perform their hit single.   http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/today/videos/3719949456001/  Check out  Hanson’s interview & MMMBop performance http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/today/videos/3719960273001/ Get the Girl Back performance

Smallzy’s Surgery Podcast – 7 August 2014

NovaFM (Hanson portion starts about 6 minutes in) Taylor, Isaac and Zac from Hanson are all grown up! They dropped into the studio in a ‘Throwback Thursday’ special to chat about their comeback Aussie Tour and perform ‘MMM Bop’! – See more at:

Ten lessons of love that you taught 90 years

Dilario de S. Paulo (translated using google translate) The hits of the 90s marked not only a musical time, as were also the soundtrack of many teenage romances. And although most people like just choreography and corny clips, believe me, many people who had “absorbed” the lyrics and took away important life lessons! So if you lived in… Read More »

10 One hit wonders: from fame to oblivion

Chilango (translated using google translate) They had a hit. After that, anonymity swallowed. And it kept force in the music industry is not easy. You may be like the donkey who played the flute and Logres position a success, but after that requires talent, persistence and charisma. And not just anyone. I leave a list of those one… Read More »