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HNET Newsletter May 9, 2013

NEW Message From The Band This has been a week of preparation and Celebration. On May 6th we were able to say, “HAPPY HANSON DAY!”. Now there’s one more week until the HANSON DAY members only event (MOE), celebration in Tulsa (May 16th and 17th), plus American Craft Beer week and the release of Mmmhops online along with… Read More »

What the Ale: Hanson talk beer and Hop Jam

Tulsa World   Isaac and Taylor Hanson join Tom Gilbert in trying a bottle of Boulevard Brewing Co. Smokestack Series Saison Brett 2014. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World The Hanson brothers and I have a lot in common. Well at least about beer and photography. I have no musical talent and don’t have any screaming fans though. They are all… Read More »

Weather Report for Tulsa Hanson Day Weekend

While Tulsa weather can be unpredictable, we are currently in the 10-day window to check out the extended forecast for Hanson Day & HopJam weekend!  Here’s what weather.com is predicting for next week to use as a guide while picking out outfits and packing 🙂

What Your Favorite Boy BandMember Says About You

Cosmopolitan  Are you a Nick Carter or a Justin Timberlake? A Nick Lachey or a Zac Hanson? 4. HANSON Isaac Hanson: You’re naturally empathetic to other humans. You might have been sort of an ugly duckling your entire adolescence, but now you’re a beautiful swan. You have never heard of dubstep. Taylor Hanson: No matter what your job is, you call it… Read More »