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Poll: Music Made For Humans EP

Now that we know the titles to all 5 songs on the Music Made For Humans EP and Hanson.net members have been able to hear clips of all the songs – which are you most looking forward to hearing? [poll=”5″]

Update to Songs Heard Live Database

As we teased a bit earlier today – we have added a way for you to save the shows that you have seen so that when you return on future visits or after future tours, you don’t need to select your shows all over again.  You will need to register for the site and create a username which… Read More »

Headphones at Hanson Day

There seems to be some confusion over Hanson asking us to bring headphones to Hanson Day.  Details about this can be found in the Blog area on Hanson.net in the “Hanson Day From The Horses Mouth” video.  They begin talking about the headphones after Isaac explains his lecture just before the halfway point of the video. The basics -Official… Read More »

[Interview] HANSON

Reverb Street press In the minds of many ’90s girls, the three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma known as Hanson will forever be frozen in time as the fresh-faced teens captured in countless Smash Hits magazine posters – as synonymous with the decade as inflatable couches and butterfy clips. But in reality Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson have grown. They’ve got… Read More »

Taylor Hanson Gives Us A 90s Flashback

97.3 FM Monday, May 12, 2014 Photo: Getty Here’s a fact that might shock you. Taylor Hanson, who shot to fame with the track MMMbop in the late 90’s, is in his thirties! As Taylor and his brother’s prepare to take the band back on the road (and to Aus!), we caught up with him to find out where life has… Read More »

Mix 102.3 Interview

Mix 102.3 Monday, May 12, 2014 We Talk To Hanson About Coming Back To Adelaide! Hanson are returning to Australia this August as part of their Anthem world tour! The three brothers Isaac (33), Taylor (31) and Zac (28) will play HQ in Adelaide on Tuesday August 12 and if it is anything like their last show here in 2012… Read More »

Trivia Tuesday

  Isaac has called people out from stage for fighting in Omaha and Montreal. (And perhaps other shows as well, these were just the 2 mentioned in the interview we got the question from!)   What are some other titles for beer Hanson has considered?