What Your Favorite Boy BandMember Says About You

By | May 9, 2014


Are you a Nick Carter or a Justin Timberlake? A Nick Lachey or a Zac Hanson?


Isaac Hanson: You’re naturally empathetic to other humans. You might have been sort of an ugly duckling your entire adolescence, but now you’re a beautiful swan. You have never heard of dubstep.

Taylor Hanson: No matter what your job is, you call it “your art.” That art will stand the test of time, like a Monet painting or a Beethoven symphony. You’re a born leader, because everyone loves you. If your friends had fake IDs, you confiscated them and handed them over to law enforcement.

Zac Hanson: You are the loudest of all your friends and a charming goofball. You have never eaten fewer than four slices of pizza in one sitting.

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