Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

Feature Interview: Zac Hanson ‘Hanson’

AAA Backstage Hanson are all grown up and ready to rock and/or roll. The brothers will be making their way to our shores in August to play some sold out shows and baby brother Zac Hanson talked to Velvet Winter about touring with family, the new album and possibly the greatest craft beer ever. You and your brothers are heading back our… Read More »

Interview with Zac Hanson from Hanson

AMH Network AMH writer Lisa Robinson was lucky enough to catch up with Zac Hanson to talk about his bands new album, Anthem and their upcoming Australian tour. I just have to say that I’m obsessed with Anthem, the new sound you guys have is really something special! Thank you very much! The album as a whole is super funky… Read More »

Taylor Hanson Interview / Johnno’s ‘Fanson’ Song

Courtney & Johnno We talk to Taylor Hanson ahead of Hanson’s tour of Australia. We find out if Hanson fans have a special name and put Taylor on the spot with a game of ‘Who’s More Hanson?’… Johnno performs a song to express his love of Hanson… listen to ‘Taylor Hanson Interview / Johnno’s ‘Fanson’ Song’ on Audioboo