Hanson Get Crowd 'Fired Up' At O Music Awards

By | June 20, 2013

MTV News

Hanson brought down the house at the beginning of the fourth hour of the O Music Awards Wednesday night. Performing six songs on the Times Square stage, the trio mixed cuts off their new album, Anthem, with older tracks, but sadly, “MMMBop” was not included for the 24-hour “Live Music Day” event.


“You guys ready to get fired up?” middle Hanson brother Taylor asked as the trio kicked off their first song, “Fired Up.” While their appropriately named “Fansons” could watch live across the globe, audience members danced and fed off the brothers’ infectious energy. “This song’s about getting the girl back. Let me hear the guys in the house. You ready to get the girl back?” Taylor said during “Get the Girl Back.” For “Where’s the Love,” Taylor put down the tambourine and rocked out on the piano, calling out, “Do you guys think there’s love in the room tonight?”

Youngest brother/drummer Zac switched things up with Taylor on “Juliet,” with Zac providing vocals and piano, and oldest brother Isaac looked cool in shades for “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin.’ ” The band capped things off with the Shout It Out track “Waiting for This,” before shaking hands with fans and scurrying over to play drums with Andrew W.K.

The “MMMBop” trio recently celebrated their 21st anniversary and the Anthem release with two performances at Irving Plaza on Monday night.


Anthem is the brothers’ sixth studio release, and their other new project provides further proof of how grown-up they are now: They’ve created a beer called, appropriately, MMMHops. A portion of the proceeds will aid tornado victims in the band’s home state of Oklahoma. Fellow OMA performer Kevin Jonas is excited to taste the beer, telling MTV News, “I want to taste it. Hopefully, they’ll have a case.” The JoBros and Hanson, surprisingly, just met for the first time Wednesday night, taking time to comment on the comparisons between the bands.

“Anybody ever tell you they remind you of Hanson?” youngest brother Zac Hanson joked in Joe Jonas’ latest Vine. “Nahhh,” the JoBros said in unison before breaking out into laughter.

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