Hanson Challenge The Jonas Brothers For 'Best Sibling Band EVER' Title With Their O Music Awards Performance (VIDEOS)

By | June 20, 2013

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Hanson "Fired Up" the Times Square Stage during the O Music Awards. Check out their performances here!

Hanson “Fired Up” the Times Square Stage at the O Music Awards.

The Jonas Brothers may have kicked off the 24-hour music spree known as the 2013 O Music Awards (which is still happening right now!), but the thoroughbred brother trio Hanson weren’t shaken in the slightest. ‘Cause, look: They’ve been doing this brother band thing for nearly 20 years — they were READY. And we can’t lie: It was hard to ignore our major flashback-to-’97 vibes while Hanson played. Those times were great and all, but we can’t go back. The internet was too slow back then. WE CAN’T GO BACK TO SHORT .WAV FILE CLIPS AND DIAL UP 56K CONNECTIONS.

Watch Hanson perform “Fired Up” and “Get The Girl Back” at the O Music Awards after the jump.


The Oklahoma boys took the Times Square Stage at the O Music Awards with an attitude like they had something to prove (even trading place on instruments at one point), with lead singer Taylor Hanson going out into the crowd and working the audience like a seasoned vet. Heating things up with “Fired Up,” the opener from their new album, Anthem, and their latest single, “Get The Girl Back,” the boys later dipped into some older tunes like “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’” and “Waiting For This,” and even went as far back as their classic “Where’s The Love.” Which of course made their set THAT MUCH BETTER. (Except we can’t help but kiiinda wish they’d played “MMMBop.”)

OK, so after watching Hanson and Jonas Brothers, if we had to make an official end-all be-all decision about who is the absolute Best Sibling Band EVER, we’d have to proclaim the winner… both Jonas Brothers AND Hanson! Who says you can’t like more than one?! In our book, more boys = more fun! If y’all have a problem with our ruling, you can file a complaint to the Sibling Superlatives department of the Phony Book Of Just Made Up Records. Or maybe you shouldn’t waste your time and effort on a sternly worded letter to a fake address and should just enjoy the SHEER AWESOMENESS of Hanson.


We’ll just leave you with this ADORABLE photo of Zac Hanson.

+ Watch Hanson perform “Get The Girl Back” at the O Music Awards.



+ Watch Hanson perform “Fired Up” at the O Music Awards.


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