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Hanson much more than just Mmmbop

oook Hanson interview: I had a moment to catch up with Isaac from the Hansons last week to talk about their performance at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Jan 24th. Audio highlights: 1:39 This is their first truly extensive Canadian tour. 5:00 Isaac talks about the transition to going independent in 2003. 5:45 Bad Christmas sweater choices. 11:00… Read More »

Get Ready Ottawa: Hanson’s Shout it Out Canada Tour

Ottawa Tonite The Hanson brothers have been to Canada before, but not extensively and will be gracing Ottawa with a live show on February 8th*. In preparation for their tour through Canada, Zac, 1/3 of the band Hanson sat down for a quick phone interview with yours truly to touch base on the upcoming tour and more. So this… Read More »

Hanson heads for Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News If Hanson conjures images of a towheaded six-year-old Mmmbopping on drums as his brothers bounce around the stage, the sophistication of the next few lines will be scary.     “I think the mistake that the music business made early on was fighting change. There’s a difference between social/political change and just the environment of… Read More »

Setlist: 1/23/12 Vancouver

Waiting For This Where’s The Love Thinking Bout Somethin Get Up and Go Crazy Beautiful Strong Enough To Break Deeper Penny and Me Wish That I Was There Go (Zac solo) Being Me (Isaac solo) With You In Your Dreams Carry You There Minute Without You Hey Give a Little MMMBop Lost Without Each Other If Only  … Read More »

Hanson goes from boys to men

Sherwood Park News  Hanson’s unique branding could mean the launch of their own beer By Meaghan Baxter News Staff Posted 10 hours ago   Decibel level records could be set at Festival Place this Friday thanks to the Hanson brothers. Zac, Taylor and Isaac catapulted to teen heartthrob supremacy in the late ’90s with the release of their… Read More »

In an MMMBop they’re here – Hanson plays Festival Place Friday

Gig City  Scientists are unclear on the exact length of time represented by an “MMMBop” – a subjective temporal paradox wherein a long period of time is perceived as a short period of time. “It’s a reference to how time passes really quickly in your own life,” explains Isaac Hanson, who discovered the existence of the MMMBop with… Read More »