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Hanson’s journey from teen pop to marriage and fatherhood

Nelson Star From the cover of Tiger Beat to fatherhood and marriage, the Hanson brothers have come a long way sinceMmmBop topped the charts.     The music industry was complete different with the absence of iTunes, iPods and the internet.     Their first album Middle of Nowhere – which was released in 1997, 15 years ago – was released… Read More »

Hanson, 1990s boyband, in Vancouver tonight

News1130  VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Do you ever wonder what happened to Hanson?  The trio from Tulsa, Oklahoma who made tweens everywhere weak at the knees and shot to fame in the mid-90s never really went away.  In fact, they’re in Vancouver tonight. Their 1997 hit song “Mmmbop” was the hit that catapulted Isaac, Taylor and Zac to fame… Read More »

Hanson arriving in city for shout it out tour

QNet News  By: Manuela Garay-Giraldo Fifteen years have passed and the boys you might remember from Hanson are now men, with a record label to call their own. The pop-rock trio is coming to Belleville with their Shout It Out tour. The band was first introduced in 1997 with their hit MMMBop from their first album Middle of… Read More »

Canadian Tour Setlists

If anyone is going to a show on the Canadian tour and can keep track of the setlist for us, please let us know!  You can tweet it to us @hansonstage, email it to tickets@hansonstage.com or we can give you a phone number to text (US number).  Songs can be sent as they are being played or all… Read More »

Hanson brothers rooted in soul

The Province  With the encouragement of the trio’s fans, Hanson is doing what it wants. This is freedom, of sorts. Isaac, Zac and Taylor Hanson have created a bond between themselves and their fans, which has led to the creation of an independent label, spurred them on to special projects, and reinforced their activism, all while surviving tall… Read More »