Get Ready Ottawa: Hanson’s Shout it Out Canada Tour

By | January 24, 2012

Ottawa Tonite

The Hanson brothers have been to Canada before, but not extensively and will be gracing Ottawa with a live show on February 8th*. In preparation for their tour through Canada, Zac, 1/3 of the band Hanson sat down for a quick phone interview with yours truly to touch base on the upcoming tour and more.

So this tour is going to be a launch of sorts, for the “Shout It Out” Album?

Zac: Yea, we’ve been to Canada before but not with as many stops. We’re excited to be coming to Ottawa, meeting new fans is a challenge we always enjoy and we hope to entertain.

You guys have a lot of songs, which song are you most looking forward to playing on this tour?

Zac: That’s a hard question actually! New music is always fun for me to play, but I also like older songs with a bit of history. This is really hard!  I’m excited to play “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’ ” among others. Fan reaction also plays a huge part for sure. We are lucky to have fans that are really engaged at our shows and make the performance energetic.

At many of your concerts you do The Walk before the event, to raise awareness for the HIV/AIDS Pandemic and poverty in Africa. Since it’s winter will there be an indoor walk?

Zac: (laughs) Yea, not on this tour! It is really cold, and the walk is a barefoot walk and it wouldprobably be bad to send people to the hospital with their toes falling off from a Hanson walk. I know I need my toes! But also, the walk is about giving people a way to act, to make an impact. In fact, people could host their own walks, it isn’t something limited to just us. We want people to know that these walks stand for something, and it’s action that will help facilitate change.

What do you want fans to take away from this tour?

Zac: You know, we hope to create a unique experience for them, we want it to be memorable. This isn’t going to be one of those shows where everybody stands around with their arms folded, and looks somber. We want fans to feel a connection to our songs, we want them to be engaged.

*For official  tour dates and more info please visit

If you would like information on The Walk, please visit Take The Walk

Check back with us for the official Ottawa concert review!

**Special thanks to Zac for taking the time out,  and Catrina Jaricot from Strut Entertainment for setting this up!


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