Fan Of The Month February – Lindsay

By | February 1, 2011

Name: Lindsay DeVries

Age: 25

Location: Newport News, Virginia


1) What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?

I guess my first memory is when my friend got Middle of Nowhere as a gift at her birthday party at the end of July in ’97. The CD was put on in the background at the party but I honestly didn’t pay much attention. Then that Fall of ’97 somehow I heard about Hanson again and looked them up on the internet one night. The very next day at school I begged my friend to let me borrow the Middle of Nowhere CD. She did and I made a copy of the CD onto a cassette because I only had a Walkman at the time! I began listening to the tape non stop and I was instantly hooked. Then it was the end of that very week that Hanson was on TGIF (for the first time) and that was the first TV appearance of theirs that I saw. The acapella of MMMBop at the end sticks out as one of my very first memories of Hanson.

2) How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert memory?

Stroudsburg, PA in November was my 20th! My favorite concert memory was in Raleigh this past summer. I had a meet and greet and front row, and I loved Give A Little when Rob from Rooney came out all dressed up and Taylor pulled a girl on stage. So fun!

3) What is your favorite Hanson song, and why?

Penny and Me is a recent fave, as Ike says in the Strong Enough To Break documentary, “it’s so damn good, it’s crazy!”

4) Why do you like/love Hanson?

Their music is just so, so fun. They put on an amazing live show. But mostly I love how interactive they are with the fans and how in recent years they have done the walks, worked alongside Tom’s Shoes, etc. They are great guys and really care about helping others and making a difference.

5) How long have you been a Hanson fan?

I mentioned above, but since the fall of ’97.

6) Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?

Because I’m a loyal fan that has stayed a fan since ’97. My mom has said multiple times, “I just keep wondering when you’re going to get over them [Hanson]” I always respond by saying, “Mom, I’m not ever going to get over them!”

7) State a piece of trivia in regards to you & Hanson (optional)

I have met them 3 times, the first time being a very awkward meeting after seeing the strong enough to break documentary in DC.

3 thoughts on “Fan Of The Month February – Lindsay

  1. Katie D

    She is by far the biggest fan ever! Traveling from VA to Florida and then Pittsburgh to see them. I can’t even count how many concerts she’s been to. Her favorite clothing is her blue “I [heart] Hanson” Tshirt. Congrats, Lindsay!

  2. Mrs. "B"

    Absolutely deserved as the best fan ever! I think she likes Hanson more than her beloved Yankees!


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