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By | January 13, 2011

Valentine’s Chocolate

Got a sweet tooth? We are bringing back gourmet Hanson chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but this time in style. Flavors include Ikespresso, Tayriffic Chocolate, and Zacalicious Caramel. Look for them in the store at the end of the week.

The Giving Cup Coffee

We are very excited to be selling another roast of KIKOMBE CHA KUTOA Kenyan Coffee (The Giving Cup) along with a red mug. For those of you who want a wonderful cup of coffee that also supports a great cause, look for it in the store at the end of the week.

I Heart Hanson

In celebration of Valentines Day (the ultimate holiday of love), we have a brand new “I Heart Hanson” T-shirt inspired by The 113 Painting Book. Look for it at the end of the week in the store.

From the Band

We are just around the corner from the release of our second single “Give A Little.” We have been putting the final touches on the “Give A Little” video, and working on remixes for the iTunes single release. They are turning out pretty cool. This week has also marked the beginning of designs for the first ever Hanson board game, Hansonopoly. The plan is to have it finished for Hanson Day this year, but we will be asking for a little help to finalize all the Chance and Community Chest cards. This may be even cooler then the Platinum Shout it Out Package, but we are big Monopoly fans.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac

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