Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Tuesday Topic

We asked this question in 2010, but it became evident that a lot of our readers didn’t have the 5 of 5 DVD set and might be receiving them for the holidays. We decided to post the question again – what is your favorite disc from the 5 of 5 DVD set? Which is your favorite 5 of… Read More »

Hanson plans to tour Latin America in 2011: report

R7.com.br R7.com is reporting that Hanson might possibly be touring Latin America in 2011. Unfortunately I do not speak Portuguese and that is the language the article is in. From GoogleTranslate it seems that another publication ran an article saying that Hanson hoped to tour there in 2011, they have not been there since 2005. If you speak… Read More »

Hansonstage Updates

Some updates on what is going on in the world of hansonstage… Song Vs Song is coming January 18th. Right now we have a preliminary vote up asking you to pick what 5 pre-fame songs you would like to see included in song vs song. Be sure to sign up and vote at hansonstage.com/forums Be sure to tell… Read More »