Coming next Tuesday – Song Vs Song

By | January 13, 2011

Make sure that you are registered for the forums – – as this is the ONLY way to vote in the Hanson song vs song competition that will be starting on January 18th. (Visitors to the forums will be able to see the results but will have no ability to vote)

We recently had to change the forums to admin approval due to the fact that we have had a lot of spammers signing up and spamming the forums with ads. If you are going to sign up – please shoot us an email at or a tweet @hansonstage with the username you signed up under so that we will push your registration through.

If you have previously signed up and do not appear to have a working account, please sign up again and shoot us an email or tweet. There may have been some accounts lost in the shuffle when trying to get the spammers out of the system.

We will be accepting forum accounts throughout the competition, but you should really sign up now (and get your friends to as well) to make sure that you have an influence on all the voting!

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