Happy Birthday Zac: Memory

By | October 22, 2010

Today we will be celebrating Zac’s birthday with a post every hour featuring a photo, video, memory or quote from Zac!

Sent in from Lindsay A:

The one time I actually got to meet the band was a few months ago in Memphis
at Q107.5. I had some drumsticks of my husband’s that I wanted Zac to sign
(Taylor signed too) and he just said, “It’s hard signing drumsticks because
they’re ROUND.” Ha, ha. Thank you captain obvious. Then I asked him one
question about the Geocaching and he went off. I was literally being pulled
away from him and he was following me still talking. I thought it was
endearing how excited he was about it. In my mind he’s still the cute
little 11-year-old talking about big trees.

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