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Update from Hanson.net

The 113 – The Paintings of Shout it Out! Pre-Order The 113 Painting Book Now! In early 2010, as a part of the release of the HANSON’s 5th studio album, “Shout it Out” the band set out to create a robust album package that shined light on the experience of listening and connecting with music and art, by… Read More »

Hanson Day 2009 “The Lost Recordings”

Hanson.net members! Log in to your account page (log in and click your user name) and check the right side while scrolling down. There you will find “The Lost Recordings” 1. I Am 2. Letters In The Mailbox 3. Need You Now 4. Never Let Go 5. Take Our Chances I don’t believe it notes which session these… Read More »

Cover story: X Questions: Charlyne Yi

Brand X Daily Leave it to Charlyne Yi to go from “Knocked Up” to would-be Freddie Mercury. The comedienne, best known for a brief but memorable role in the Judd Apatow comedy and a star turn in “Paper Heart,” a 2009 semi-documentary about her are-they-or-aren’t-they romance with fellow awkward actor Michael Cera, has turned her attentions to music.… Read More »

Membership card explanation

There has been some confusion on member cards being sent with the 2010 kit. You will only get a new (yellow) membership card if: a) you are a new member b) you signed up with a new username c) you are an existing member but had a lapse in your membership (ie you didn’t renew before your account… Read More »

Hanson Omaha 8-8-10

Special thanks to Katie for letting us post her photos! If you have photos, videos or a review for walks or shows on the Shout It Out tour – please email them to us – blog@hansonstage.com