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Hanson: Electric Underground by Jay S. Jacobs

By | October 18, 2010

Source: PopEntertainment.com Hanson – indie rock champions? You better believe it, bud… That’s right, Hanson — the group who stormed the charts with the infectious pop single “MMMBop” when they were just kids — have grown up.  Not only gotten older, but they have taken control of their musical destiny and want to show others… Read More »

Middle of Nowhere – Music Review

By | October 18, 2010

Source: Entertainment Weekly EW’s GRADE : A- Details Lead Performance: Hanson Image credit: Hanson: Ernie Paniccioli / Retna If you’re prone to think the youth of today are growing up way too fast, the current stampede of rock & roll high schoolers won’t ease your mind. The pre-teen idols of the past — the pubescent Jackson… Read More »