Daily Archives: October 1, 2010

Concert Review: Hanson

InThisWeek Standing outside of The Depot last night I was feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement over being in line for the Hanson concert. The excitement mostly stemmed from the fact that Kelly, my best friend from high school flew in from Northern Virginia to go to the concert with me. It should be noted that she… Read More »

Flashback Friday: Hanson

CUIndependent.com Long hair gone, band of brothers play on An older, more refined and unconventional boy band from the ’90s is back, and they’re headed to Boulder. The brothers who got everyone singing “MMMBop” circa 1997 with longer hair and higher voices now have wives and babies. But they haven’t lost the urge to rock out and they… Read More »

Isaac quit the band…

Last show, Isaac quit the band, Now we’re back together again Misunderstanding, couldn’t understand. We’re back together again. A-la la la la la. Couldn’t split up Tango and Nash (Thats right) Couldn’t split up Crosby Stills and Nash (Thats not totally true) This is our song of exultant joy ‘cuz We only came to kick some ass. Rock… Read More »

Setlist: Salt Lake City, UT 9/30/10

Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The City Make It Out Alive Where’s The Love And I Waited A Minute Without You Penny and Me Carry You There Strong Enough To Break Georgia I Will Come To You Everyday (Isaac Solo) Been There Before Thinking Bout Somethin Cant Stop Leave… Read More »