Isaac quit the band…

By | October 1, 2010

Last show, Isaac quit the band,
Now we’re back together again
Misunderstanding, couldn’t understand.
We’re back together again.
A-la la la la la.
Couldn’t split up Tango and Nash (Thats right)
Couldn’t split up Crosby Stills and Nash (Thats not totally true)
This is our song of exultant joy ‘cuz
We only came to kick some ass.
Rock the fuckin’ house and kick some ass.
What we gonna do with all the cash?
Smoke hash
Throw a big ol’ bash y’all.
You’re all invited to the bash!

The song is Kyle Quit the Band originally done by Tenacious D.

“We are sorry for any drama that was created” “We just really wanted to sing that song”

One thought on “Isaac quit the band…

  1. cyndi reeves

    not funny guys….! but i get it, there was a problem between Ike n Tay but resolved or not ,its not our business… keep making the music and DONT EVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN…love yall lots , now im laughing 🙂
    c-ya at a show


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