Hanson's Long Journey From My Heart To The MTV Newsroom

By | June 16, 2010

MTV Newsroom

By Jenna Shulman

It seems like just yesterday I was sporting my “I Love Taylor Hanson” T-shirt and singing along to “MMMBop” in the back seat of my mom’s mini-van. The Hanson brothers were all my nine-year-old friends and I could talk about in the late ’90s. As a young fan, I can remember the constant battle of picking out the favorite brother. Some picked Issac, the oldest, some chose Zac, the youngest, but I was always personally a fan of the lead singer, Taylor. The fact that they were three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma made them appeal to a wide variety of Americans who could somehow relate to these musicians. Now, the brothers are married with children, and are clearly not teenage boys anymore. Issac is 29, Taylor is 27, and Zac is 24. So where did their career take them in the new millennium?

Based on their visit to the MTV Newsroom on Wednesday afternoon (June 16), they are as busy as they ever have been, staying on the road and dropping albums along the way (including the extremely underrated 2004 release Underneath, which has a song called “Penny and Me” that absolutely rules). Underneath managed to debut at #25 on the Billboard album chart, a testament to the devotion of their fans and the band’s continued commitment to them. They just released their latest album Shout it Out last week, an album that scored a bunch of attention because of the band’s “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” video, a clip that went viral because of its homage to the classic film “The Blues Brothers.”

What’s their secret? After the interview, it seems to me that the brothers still have that great camaraderie that their teen fans recognized over a decade ago. Their music has definitely become more refined, but their love for their fans remains the same. In the interview, they even talked about the World Cup and how they appeal to an average American, something that I’ve always admired them for. They express their excitement to tour this summer (the trek launches on July 21) and their desire to keep doing what they love.

So while Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers might have worked their way into teenage stardom, but the Hanson brothers will always remain in my heart — no matter how old we get.

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