By | June 16, 2010

Best Week Ever

Now and again, famous singers or bands will stop by the VH1 offices to regale us for a few minutes out of our usual workday doldrums. But today. Today. We were treated to a live performance by…



Now, sure, you’re probably thinking what I thought minutes before hearing Hanson live.

“Cute! Hanson is here. Let’s get this ‘MmmBop’ show on the road so I can get back to my beloved blog.”

But then, something amazing happened. Hanson entered the room, made up mostly of eager young ladies and about 5 or 6 young gentlemen, pulled the charm lever, and hit the “amazing harmonies” jackpot. They showered us, the audience, in golden coins of finely tuned rhythms and delicious beats. Am I going overboard about Hanson, you say? Unlikely. Like a delicate, adorable and surprisingly manly disease, Hanson is infectious.

Hanson’s new album is called “Shout It Out.” You should buy it. Here is a link! Along with some new songs from the album (“Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’”,
“Waiting for This”), they regaled the audience with “Penny and Me” and, yes, “MmmBop.” But it’s not just their incredible knack for singing in tune that had me rocking back and forth like a drunk old lady at a Jimmy Buffett concert, ladies and ladies. Because, folks, they are also geniuses at AUDIENCE BANTER.

Taylor, Isaac, and Zac were as charming a young, 3-headed Richard Dawson, and made time after their performance to meet the throngs of blushing wishful brides lining up in our lobby. Sure, all three members of Hanson are married, but their tractor beam of talent and charm with a dash of solid handsome Christian looks was not lost on us.

But don’t worry, people who don’t work on my floor: Video evidence of this performance will be available soon, and we’ll tell you about it as soon as it goes live.

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