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By | June 16, 2010

Hanson has been rocking the pop scene since “Mmm-Bop” hit MTV in 1997. The boys are all grown up now but they’re still together making music. Hanson’s new album, Shout Out It Out, just hit stores. Zac Hanson spoke with’s Cristen Kleindienst about the newest addition to the Hanson catalogue.

TheCelebrityCafe: Is touring more difficult or more fun now that you all have families?

Zac Hanson: It’s just different. Our families don’t tour with us all the time. But life’s good.

TCC: What made you decide on the Blues Brothers themed video for “Thinkin’ Bout Somethin’?”

ZH: We’re huge Blues Brothers fans. All the music from the movie we heard first as Blues Brothers versions. Someone had the scene from the Blues Brothers playing, and turned the sound off and put on our song, and it worked. It was really fun to shoot, and it really sets the tone for what we want from the album.

TCC: How’d you get Weird Al to be in your video?

ZH: Al directed part of a video for us about 10 years ago, and this video is a parody of a great movie, and Al is the king of all parodies. He really made an awesome addition.

TCC: How is this album (Shout it Out), different from others you’ve released?

ZH: Well, every album has unique elements. This is a very fan-driven record, and it’s a pop record; a record that makes you want to smile and enjoy. “Shout it Out,” is such a perfect title.

TCC: What inspired the songs on the new album?

ZH: A lot of things play into this album. The last three were heavier and more acoustic. Our charitable efforts with “The Walk,”[which helped raise funds for the prevention and treatment of AIDS in Africa] spawned this other album

TCC: How would the dynamic of the band be different if you weren’t brothers?

ZH: I’ll let you know when I join a band without my brothers! We’re not a band because we’re brothers; it’s just that we found a mutual love of music. We’re all connected, and we just started so early. Being brothers is underrated. There are naturally brothers in bands, like Kings of Leon. Brothers are everywhere!

TCC: Is there any one album or song that you’re most proud of?

ZH: It’s a hard thing to say. On this album, the last song, “Me, Myself, and I,” has been around for a long time. We kept it around, and started it albums ago.

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