Article: Bamboozle Roadshow stops at Cruzan

By | May 21, 2010

Palm Beach Pulse

For someone like Jordan Witzigreuter, a 20-year-old electronic-pop newcomer who records under the name The Ready Set, going on a tour like Bamboozle Roadshow means more than just getting his name out there.

Witzigreuter, whose first Ready Set album, I’m Alive I’m Dreaming, drops in June, said touring with bands such as Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls and Hanson, gives him an opportunity to listen to all sorts of new sounds and pick up a few things here and there from each.

“It’s that way with any tour,” Witzigreuter said. “When you’re around a certain group of bands, you end up learning all of their songs and it inspires you. You end up using little things that you pick up along the way.”

Bamboozle Roadshow, which grew out of the California-based concert The Bamboozle, arrives at Cruzan Amphitheatre in suburban West Palm Beach on Tuesday afternoon with a 12-band slate on two stages.
“This is the biggest tour I’ve been on,” Witzigreuter said. “It’s like a miniature festival.”

For Witzigreuter, this is also a chance to introduce his music to new ears. The Ready Set’s sound is a mixture of a lot of different genres, but it is based in pop. It shows Witzigreuter’s willingness to never cut himself off from any kind of music, starting with punk, which grew from skateboarding in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Ind.

“I got into other music early on in high school, and checking out all kinds of music became my central focus,” he said. “I was listening to hardcore when I was 15, but by the time it was over I was listening to every sort of genre. I just enjoyed the catchiness of pop music most of all.”

As for the name of his, well, band, The Ready Set does more than spare people from trying to pronounce his last name.

“When I came up with the name, I was leaving high school, and I didn’t know what to do with my life,” Witzigreuter said. “And that’s what it means — The Ready Set is about putting all of your inhibitions and worries behind you, and just going out and living.”

You get the feeling that kind of thinking is all over the place at Bamboozle Roadshow. Here’s a look at the major acts playing the Bamboozle Roadshow:

Boys Like Girls: These guys are pretty much pop-rock distilled to its most basic essence. The four-man group from Andover, Mass., has already had three top-10 pop hits, including their biggest and most recent hit, “Two Is Better Than One”, which they recorded with Taylor Swift. Boys Like Girls introduced their latest single, Heart Heart Heartbreak, at the Miss USA Pageant.

All Time Low: Another four-man group, this one from Baltimore, All Time Low has the kind of pop-punk sound reality show and teen drama shows build their entire season’s worth of soundtracks around. All Time Low stands out because of the harmonies between lead singer Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jack Barakat.

Hanson: It seems bizarre to call these guys the veterans of the tour, considering the brothers Hanson aren’t that much older than the rest of the bands, but their first hit MMMBop was released in 1996. They’ve been churning out great power-pop ever since.

Good Charlotte: Lately, the band’s two frontmen, Joel and Benji Madden, have become more known for their relationships than their music — Joel is Nicole Richie’s fiancé; Benji dated Paris Hilton for a while. But they are still performing their snarling punky pop with tons of attitude, and will be forever recognized for songs like The Anthem and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Forever The Sickest Kids: These six guys from Dallas are almost a throwback to ’80s pop-rock artists like Rick Springfield or Poison, but with some serious stylistic touches. Forever the Sickest Kids aren’t afraid to throw a chorus of “Nah-nah-nahs” or a “Hey! Oh!” into any song.

When: 3:30 p.m., Tuesday
Where: Cruzan Amphitheatre
Tickets: On sale at Ticketmaster outlets,

The show’s sponsor, Coca-Cola, is offering an experience called “Swelter Stopper”, and through that you can win a VIP experience at the show. Here are the details:

Throughout the day, the DJ in the Coca-Cola “Swelter Stopper” tent will randomly ask questions based off this bit of info…

What’s a “Swelter Stopper” and why Bamboozle?

A “Swelter Stopper” is one of Coke’s secret ingredients that, when combined with the others (Coke’s Secret Formula), make Coke the uplifting refreshment that it is.

To help concert goers make it from the opening to closing acts, Coke will have the “Swelter Stopper” experience stocked with ice-cold Coca-Cola. Get refreshed with blasts of frosty air, snow falling, and a delicious Coke from the perfect serve sampling bar, along with uplifting interactive games, a DJ and a photo station. Once their “Swelter Stopper” experience ends, they’ll be ready for crowd surfing at the main stage.

For more details about Coca-Cola’s Secret Ingredient Formula, please go here:

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