Hanson music video shot on Canon 7D and Nikon lenses

By | May 3, 2010

Cnet AU

Don’t worry, the strains of MmmBop haven’t come back to haunt you. Hanson has a new song and the band’s creative director, Paul Lawson, has done something clever that will interest photographers and film-makers alike.

The video has been shot on the Canon EOS 7D using Nikon AI (Automatic Indexing) lenses from the 1980’s. The older lenses were used to mimic the look of vintage film.

As uncool as you might think the band is, you have to admit that the video is pretty impressive — especially if you’re a digital SLR film-maker and noticed the lack of aliasing and other dSLR issues. Plus, it pays the ultimate homage to The Blues Brothers. Make sure you check out who makes a cameo on tambourine.

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