Wednesday Artist Spotlight: Joshua Fletcher and the Six-Shot Romance

By | October 22, 2008

Joshua Fletcher and the Six-Shot Romance opened for Hanson on the Live & Electric Tour, in Atlanta, GA in October of 2005.

Where is your band based out of?

We’re based out of Atlanta, Georgia

Can you give us a little background on the band?

We got together in the summer of 2005 after I made a solo record. I needed a band to play behind me and that’s when the Six-Shot Romance was created. We’ve all been friends for forever, and we’d been playing music together in some form for about 3 years at that point. Colin (the drummer) and I were in a punk band before this one called “The Knockout.” we used to play with our guitar player Casey’s band a good bit. We’ve been through a few bass players but I’ve known our current bass player, James, since the 8th grade because he was dating my cousin. It all kind of came together almost accidentally. I ran into Casey one day and after we’d got to talking a bit we figured out that neither one of us was really playing in a band, so we decided to make it happen, and after that everything just kind of fell into place.

What made you decide to enter Hanson’s opening act contest?
A girl I went to school with was helping us out with all the managing and stuff, and she got an email from a promoter in the area. She brought it to me and I was really excited about it.

What were your expectations before opening? Were they met?
We just expected a great crowd. It was our first experience with a Hanson crowd, and I’d say they were certainly everything we expected and more. It was a ton of fun.

Since opening, what has your band been up to?
Since then we’ve released a record, gone on tour a few times, and tried to build up more of a following in the area. The whole thing has been going really well.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
We’re playing October 18th at Under the Couch in Atlanta with two other great locals. It’s going to be a great show, and everyone that’s anywhere close should come out!

For future band dates, stay tuned to the band’s MYSPACE

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