Article: Pop Band Hanson Walks for Poverty Awareness

By | September 27, 2008

After a trip to Africa, the sites and sounds of poverty inspired Hanson, most famously known for their 1997 hit “MMMBop” to use their music as a tool to bring about awareness, action, and hope one shoe-less mile at a time. LeAnn Wallace hit the streets of Minneapolis barefoot today and spoke with the band on making a difference.

“I find hope in what eyes dont see…”

“Hope is a desire that everyone has and we saw a lot of it in Africa and it gave us hope… to see a lot of people and kids that weren’t down-trotten.”

Hanson is bringing that hope on the road with them, as part of their “Walk
Around the world” tour.

Before each show, Hanson, their fans, and other individuals, take off their socks and shoes to walk one mile barefoot for awareness.

“I think it’s incredible that Hanson is doing this walk like this AIDS/HIV awareness is so important and it’s great that they’re getting their fans and everyone around the world to pitch in and help with all of that.”

For each mile walked, a dollar is donated to Africa on the walker’s behalf
by the band.

The Band also teamed up with Tom’s shoes…a company that sends shoes
to Africa.

“Hey we have this idea we wanna do these walks at our shows, 50-thousand shoes sold meant 50-thousand go to Africa, so we said “Yeah we’d love to help” and he goes “Really that’s awesome. Are you serious?!”

“This is Hanson’s 77th mile of the tour, and although they’ve been focusing mainly on shoes and poverty in Africa, they’re focusing on a few differnt issues this leg of the tour.”

“Lets not just talk about shoes, lets talk about drilling wells, medications thats need for pregnant mothers, acess to water, medicine.”

Hanson will continue walking, with the goal of attracting 24-thousand-nine hundred and two people to join them– the number of miles it is around the world.


In Minneapolis, LeAnn Wallace, the Northlands News Center.

Hanson says their many goal is to impower people as individuals
to use what they have to support real solutions on the ground in Africa through their tour, and their new coffee table book, “Take The Walk.” which presents the bands own story and the importance of individuals taking simple actions to fight poverty and disease in Africa.


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