Article: Zac Hanson… On Hanson's Walk for a Cause and Going Indie with 3CG Records

By | September 23, 2008 has a great interview with Zac posted on their site. He talks a little bit about why they chose Africa, about the walks, about 3CG and its future and the fans. It is definitely a great read, as Zac is always very thoughtful and profound with his answers to questions like these. You seem to have a very loyal fan base. Why do you think you’ve been fortunate in that respect?

Zac Hanson: I’m not really sure. I guess it could be attributed to us. When we first came out we were so young. Our audience latched on to what we were doing and said, “This is a band of my generation and this represents who I am right now.” With everything we’ve done with every record, we never worried about whether it sounded like Hanson or not. We just made records that we feel passionate about. Our original influences were 50s and 60s early rock n’ roll. Those were all hits from “note one” type of songs. So, if that’s your bar, which we still set, even if you’re not worrying about writing a hit, you’re still trying to write a hit song if that’s the bar you’re looking at. We really appreciate everything our fans do. We have incredible passion from our fans. It’s become something more than just a concert or a record. I think there really is legitimately a culture in our fan base of people who are music lovers and caring about things like doing the walks. Hundreds of people walking with us in over 100 degree weather, or on the last tour in Canada where it was freezing! It was below freezing, snow on the ground and everybody walking with us.


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