Kidd Kraddick 9/15/2008

By | September 16, 2008

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Hanson made a special trip to come see us and the Hanson fans came out in full force – I was never a huge Hanson fan, (though I did dig on some Mmm Bop) but the girls who were, still are! Hanson is doing this cool thing and raising money to fight AIDS and poverty in Africa – so they’re started this thing called “The Walk” – it all started with them doing 1 mile barefoot walk at every show to show how you can make an impact through simple actions – walks have been popping up all over the country and now you can host your own walk – and Hanson is donating $1 for every mile walked – they’re setting a goal of 24,902 miles which is the distance around the world – and the money will go to clean water, shoes, building schools, providing access to healthcare and supporting AIDS research and treatment – Kidd even offered to match the fund raised at their concert this weekend – you should really check it out – even if you’re not a Hanson fan – it’s still a good cause –

And of course, Hanson performed – they sang the charity song “Great Divide” and “Go” – I wasn’t wild about “Go” – but I really liked “Great Divide” – they’ve come a long way from Mmm Bop – check out the video on if you missed it – it’s a good song

You can also check out video and audio from Hanson’s visit to the studio at the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning website.

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