Article: Hanson cherishes autonomy

By | September 10, 2008

EDMONTON – In the late ’90s, Hanson’s first hit, MMMBop, was so out of place during that grungy, angsty time that it was used as an instrument of torture on a Saturday Night Live sketch. And sure, to a morose teenager, there was nothing hip about the bright, Jackson 5-inspired tune, but admit it: secretly we all loved the song. You have to. It’s the happiest song on Earth.

“It is! I love that song,” laughs drummer Zac Hanson, 22, the youngest of the three brothers.

“We wrote it when I was about eight years old, but the lyrics and music are so contrary to each other. It’s about the way things in life are fleeting and you have to figure out what to hold onto.”

At the time, Hanson were setting themselves apart from the boy-band crowd — by playing their instruments and eschewing choreographed dance moves or slick Tiger Beat marketing. Not that they didn’t appear in the magazine — they did — but they preferred being goofy boys to a band like today’s Jonas Brothers, with their careful coifs and tween heartthrob images. Zac is grateful Hanson never went that route.

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