Article: Last Night: Hanson at the Moore

By | September 9, 2008

As promised, Erika Hobart’s follow up on Seattle Weekly.

EEK! Hanson played at the Moore last night! And that Taylor Hanson is goddamn gorgeous. He’s got this ridiculous amount of androgynous appeal. It bums me out when a man with greasy hair looks better than me on my best day, completely done up. He’s the equivalent of David Cassidy back in the day.

I could go on for days about Taylor, but will include the other brothers for a moment. So to sum things up, the brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma hit the stage with their five o’clock shadows (they can grow facial hair now!!!) and sweat-drenched t-shirts to woo a crowd of like, 200 women and two men—one of whom sat behind us and went to sleep. They sang the good stuff like “Where’s the Love” and I’m guessing they did an encore that consisted of the infectious “MMMBop.” Somebody’s gotta let me know! I was praying that they’d sing their no. 1 hit before I had to leave for another engagement, but alas, they didn’t. That’s too bad because I’d love to hear an acoustic version of the song.

So what stayed with me the most, given that I missed hearing Hanson’s most infamous hit? The fans. HANSON FANS ARE NUTS. They rush the stage at any given moment. They climb over each other like paparazzi in an attempt to perfectly capture Taylor’s sweet face on film. They yell, push, and occasionally, get escorted out of the Moore. (That part was exciting.) My girlfriend and I were scared for our lives.

I went home and did a little research (Wikipedia) and found out this little tidbit: “Middle of Nowhere was released in the U.S. on May 6, 1997, which was declared ‘Hanson Day’ in Tulsa by Oklahoma’s then-governor Frank Keating. Although ‘Hanson Day’ was originally intended to be a one-time occurrence, many Hanson fans all over the world still recognize May 6 as Hanson Day every year.”

The Hanson brothers even have their own holiday!!!

I hope somebody makes an Aphrodite-esque statue of Taylor because I would totally put it in my hallway. Not that I have my own hallway, but I’m sure something could be arranged with my landlord. We could use some pretty decor around here.


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