Article: Boy Bands Don't Grow Up

By | September 9, 2008


Haters: Robby Marx and Adam Eddington.

Ages: 23 and 34

Occupations: Produce manager and salesperson at Stilnovich Corner Produce.

Robby: “In seventh grade I had long hair because I was really into grunge. My girlfriend at the time loved Hanson and wanted me to get my hair layered so that I’d look like one of them. I refused. Aren’t all the Hanson brothers dead now, anyway? I think I saw that on MTV…”

Adam: “The first time I saw the music video I totally thought they were little blonde girls who weren’t very cute. What I remember most about them, though, is that song ‘MMMBop.’ It drove me crazy. Not like cool crazy, but rip-my-ears-off crazy. I’m pretty sure that a few years later, the drummer from Hanson got hit by a car. It stunted his growth for life. He’s been the same height since like, 1995.”

Reporter’s note: The Hansons have not been in a car accident, nor have any of them died. A couple of months ago, several newspapers ran a story with the headline “Hanson teen seriously injured,” but the victim bears no relation to anyone from the band Hanson. He is, however, from Hanson, Massachusetts. If it’s any consolation to the guys at Corner Produce, the eldest Hanson brother, Isaac, had one of his ribs removed last year because it was obstructing blood flow to his arm.

Hanson The Moore, 1932 Second Ave., 467-5510, $23–$33. 7 p.m. Mon., Sept. 8.

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