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HANSON: Planning for the future

WEEKLY PIC Summer is here. A season of getting out on the open road and also a season for looking ahead to the future. Don’t wait for tomorrow. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND After years of work, recording a double album, and completing a world tour, we are not ready to see String Theory come to an end. Yes,… Read More »

HANSON: Recombobulating Post Hday

WEEKLY PIC It’s that time of year when the new EP is shipping out to members all over the world for the first time, first impressions matter, so we try and look our best. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND If you missed out on joining us in Tulsa for HANSON Day weekend, never fear new music is on… Read More »

HANSON: A Week Of Hosting The World

WEEKLY PIC Last week, we were so proud to host music and craft beer fans from all over the world in our home town Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thank you to ALL who joined us to celebrate. We can’t wait to see you in May 2020, and for all of the American fans out there, have a great Memorial Day… Read More »

HANSON: 360 Degrees of Hanson

WEEKLY PIC This week we are sharing a couple cool 360 VR experiences that are going to be a part of this year’s HANSON Day gathering. Just one more way that we are making this the best year yet for members. Zac tested, Brother approved! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND HANSON Day is almost here! We are just about… Read More »

HANSON: Still Adding To HANSON Day

WEEKLY PIC You can be a part of this years Oh Snap Dance Party in a whole new way by submitting your song requests in advance. Just one more way this year’s HDay event will be the best yet! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Even as close as we are to HANSON Day weekend, we are still trying to… Read More »

Quintessentially HANSON

WEEKLY PIC This week is all about the fun details coming together for our big May weekend. A little something for the beer, food,bowling,music,art,dance,kareokee…nerd in all of us. Hope to see you in May. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND It seems like every day this week is show and tell with so many projects reaching completion for HANSON Day… Read More »

HANSON Day is coming!

WEEKLY PIC Springtime is here with blooms out and pollen in full production. This also means our festivities in May with Hanson Day and The Hop Jam are not far away. Who is planning to join us in Tulsa in a few weeks? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND We are only a few weeks away from HANSON Day now,… Read More »

HANSON: HANSON Day Listening Party

WEEKLY PIC Excited we just captured some great images for the In Real Life, EP, complete with brother road trips down route 66. Can’t wait to share images and music in May. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Walk outside and you can feel the winds of change. Spring is here and we’re thirty-four days away from HANSON Day… Read More »

HANSON: See & Hear In May

WEEKLY PIC It has become an annual tradition to share more than music as part of the HANSON Day celebration. This week we are sharing Zac in process working on paintings inspired by the new “In Real Life” EP. members can get their hands on the new EP, and see all the paintings when they release in May.… Read More »

HANSON: We’re Ready To Share

WEEKLY PIC This week we are sharing the theme of the Hnet EP coming in May. Along those lines we are sharing a selection of pics from the photo gallery set for Hanson Day which is (like the EP) pics from Real Life, taken on the road and in the studio. Excited to share more of our creative… Read More »