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HANSON: Final Episode, New Music Video!

WEEKLY PIC This week we share the fifth and final song from the In Real Life EP, “Better Days,” featuring a hang with the boys at the favorite corner pool hall and bar. Get the full music and vids when you join . MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This is our fifth and final week of the Real to… Read More »

HANSON: Reading Your Mind

WEEKLY PIC In this pic we play with fire in the Oklahoma woods during the shoot of the “Reading Your Mind” video from the In Real Life EP. Get the full music and vids when you join MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Even when a project starts with a theme, you never really know where the music is going… Read More »

HANSON: Celebrate Independence!

WEEKLY PIC This week, we leaped into US Independence Day and shared our third video featuring music from the In Real Life EP. This week features the song “The Ballad of Seymour Better Times”.  Get the full music and vids when you join MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Happy Independence Day! Yesterday, we celebrated our country with… Read More »

HANSON: It will be worth the wait!

WEEKLY PIC This week, we are rolling out our second video in the series of our ongoing roll out of content from our In Real Life EP. Check out the content on and our Real to Reel interview series on YouTube! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Big thank you to everyone who joined us in Milwaukee for… Read More »

HANSON: Real to Reel Videos Series!

WEEKLY PIC We are excited to start sharing, the story and the inside look at our new EP In Real Life. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND With the release of our new EP, “In Real Life,” we are starting a video series looking at the songs, the recording and our process of recording EPs every year. We’re calling… Read More »

HANSON: New Music Video Next Week

WEEKLY PIC In a late night change session we officially cast the HANSON Bio pic. Patrick Swayze (circa Red Dawn) as Zac, Stephen Baldwin (circa Usual Suspects) as Isaac, and Leonardo DiCaprio (circa The Revenant) as Taylor.  Who would you cast? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND The past ten years have seen a massive transformation in the way we… Read More »

HANSON: Planning for the future

WEEKLY PIC Summer is here. A season of getting out on the open road and also a season for looking ahead to the future. Don’t wait for tomorrow. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND After years of work, recording a double album, and completing a world tour, we are not ready to see String Theory come to an end. Yes,… Read More »

HANSON: Recombobulating Post Hday

WEEKLY PIC It’s that time of year when the new EP is shipping out to members all over the world for the first time, first impressions matter, so we try and look our best. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND If you missed out on joining us in Tulsa for HANSON Day weekend, never fear new music is on… Read More »

HANSON: A Week Of Hosting The World

WEEKLY PIC Last week, we were so proud to host music and craft beer fans from all over the world in our home town Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thank you to ALL who joined us to celebrate. We can’t wait to see you in May 2020, and for all of the American fans out there, have a great Memorial Day… Read More »

HANSON: 360 Degrees of Hanson

WEEKLY PIC This week we are sharing a couple cool 360 VR experiences that are going to be a part of this year’s HANSON Day gathering. Just one more way that we are making this the best year yet for members. Zac tested, Brother approved! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND HANSON Day is almost here! We are just about… Read More »