HANSON: On Sale Today

By | February 8, 2024

This past week Taylor journeyed west to represent the Texas and Oklahoma members of the Recording Academy, connecting with an amazing music music community, and taking in the open road.

It’s a big day. Not only do all the HANSON Day 2024 ticketed events go on-sale, but this is also the first day of recording for a brand new project!

Now in the past HANSON Day tickets have been a bit anxiety ridden for members. The ticketed events have a tendency to sell out fast, so getting tickets to all the events required a mix of luck and war-gaming. In an effort to lower your stress levels, this year we have increased capacity for almost every event, so with any luck every member who wishes to attend will have the opportunity.

A few things to remember. You need to be a member to attend any of the HANSON Day events, but any and all members are invited to attend. Not already a member? Just join, and then you can buy event tickets. To purchase event tickets members must first RSVP in the calendar section. With so many free events, this is a simply way we ask members to let us know they plan to attend so we can plan accordingly.

As for recording, it is always invigorating to start a new project. Every creative endeavor is a puzzle of sorts, and day one is when we build the border. Expect more about this in the coming months.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: As part of our plan to give Members even more in 2024, we will be broadcasting four FREE streaming concerts to Hanson.net members, starting with our first on March 28th at 5PM CT. No ticket necessary, all you have to do to watch is be a member.

Member Exclusive:  HANSON Day is the premiere annual event for all things HANSON. The long weekend includes world premiere music, multiple concerts and a whole lot more, and every Hanson.net member is invited to join the celebration. For details, CLICK HERE.

Member Exclusive: Each week, we will choose two lucky fan club winners to be invited to our monthly virtual video M&G! This week, the winners are:
  • MarianaSaccani
  • barhan1422


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