Slot Festival’s new artist releases: Aqua, Hanson, Paloma Faith and Titiyo

By | February 8, 2024


The Slot Festival, which was successfully launched in December, brings international star artists as well as domestic top performers to Turku Linnanpuisto in July. Aqua, Hanson, Paloma Faith and Titiyo X Sunnan will be seen alongside the previously announced headliners The Cardigans and Sugababes.


July 19–20 on the day in Turku’s historical Linnanpuisto, the Slot Festival will be organized for the first time. In addition to the previously announced headliners The Cardigans and Sugababes , four new international star artists are announced for the Slot Festival program: Aqua , Hanson , Paloma Faith and Titiyo X Sunnan .

The Danish eurodance group Aqua, which rocketed to new mega-popularity with the success of the Barbie movie, will arrive at Slot Festival. Aqua, who dominated disco dance floors in the 90s with her huge hit Barbie Girl, will be seen in Turku with a multi-talented live band. Also, Hanson, who was responsible for one of the biggest generational experiences of the late 90s with his MMMbop hit, will perform at Slot Festival, where the band made up of three brothers will play their first festival gig in Finland. 

Slot Festival’s Friday program features soulful pop music superstar Paloma Faith. The artist known for his hits “Stone Cold Sober” and “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” was last seen in Finland in the summer of 2015 as one of the main performers of Pori Jazz. Saturday’s program features the Swedish artist Titiyo, known for the hit song Come Along, who has released six albums during his long career. Titiyo brings his 7-member band Sunnan to his gig at Slot Festival.

At the end of December, Slot Festival announced, in addition to The Cardigans and Sugababes, four high-level domestic artists: Egotrippi, Don Huonot, Kwan and Vesterinen Yhtyeinene. With today’s announcements, the day division of Slot Festival’s software is clear and the sale of one-day tickets has started. 

The Slot Festival is organized by Sunborn Live from Turku, known for e.g. As the organizer of the Kesärauha festival. The Slot Festival is organized in Turku at the same time as the Tall Ships Races sailing event, which is expected to bring several thousand tourists to the city. 

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