New Feature: Log In Bar!

By | February 10, 2024

This log in bar feature has been a long time coming and has been something I had been envisioning on the site for a long time but wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen – until now!  No more needing to remember which drop down menu has the login link, it’s now right in front of you.  In addition to adding this feature, there have been a whole bunch of updates:

Register – this form has been updated and now uses a different type of captcha that I hope will be less strict against those trying to sign up for accounts from countries outside the US.

Forgot Password – this hasn’t been working correctly which was causing a lot of accounts to think that they had invalid credentials and were unable to log in unless they emailed me for a work around (which worked for most but not all)  If you were one of those using a workaround, please try to reset your password using the updated page that is live now and try to log in using the new log in bar, if it’s still not working please let me know at ASAP so I can troubleshoot.

Contact Form – the captcha on this form has been updated as well and some changes made to the “success” message so it is hopefully clearer that your form was sent as I had been getting 2 or 3 at times because people were unsure as to whether or not it was coming through or some none at all because the captcha had decided it was spam.

There have also been various tweaks to other parts of the site to try and help loading times.  One of the more significant changes was removing openers from the tour years pages.  Openers/Additional performers will still be able to be seen on each individual show page but with the large festivals like he We Love the 90s & 2000s coming up this summer, the page was getting to be a bit cluttered.

As always, with new features there may be glitches.  While I try to test the site as best I can before I roll it out, I can’t always replicate every scenario. If your account is being weird or not working right – please reach out to me at so I can try to fix it for you.

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