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HANSON: Listener’s Choice Weekend

WEEKLY PIC Tomorrow our sixth consecutive single, ONE, releases. It’s a song unlike anything we’ve released so far, check it out wherever music is sold or streamed and don’t miss it Live from Cains Ballroom.

Listener’s Choice October 2021 Voting

Hanson will be finishing out the year with streams the way they started the year, with the theme of “Listener’s Choice”. Beginning September 7th until the 26th, each day Hanson posted a poll on their twitter account that stayed up for 48 hours putting 2 songs up against each other.  These poll winners will make up the majority… Read More »

ONE, Out October 1st

ONE OUT OCTOBER 1ST One, the new track from ‘Against The World’, is out October 1! RSVP to be messaged when the song is out.

What Your Favorite Stars Of The ’90s Look Like Today

Central Recorder Just seeing their name got you singing, right? “MMMBop, ba ba du bop, MMMBop.” The pop-rock trio — brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac — were just 16, 13, and 11 when their era-defining hit single was released in 1996. Decades later, Hanson is still together and recording music — and glad they never went the boy… Read More »

CPR should run at the same tempo as “Stayin’ Alive”

Ohio News Time The advice given in the episode “The Office” is accurate. You can save lives by performing CPR with the same beat as the Bee Gees hit. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests According to the American Heart Association (AHA), it occurs outside the hospital each year. According to AHA, about 90% of people who experience cardiac arrest outside… Read More »

HANSON: Explore With Us

WEEKLY PIC This month, we shared new music once again, the 5th song Stronger, from Against The World. Who saw it live from Cain’s ballroom for the first time?

HANSON: Going All Digital

GOING ALL DIGITAL Over the past five years we have seen a dramatic shift in the way our community and music fans at large listen to music, moving away from physical CDs choosing instead to have instant access to entire catalogs of music through streaming and digital platforms. Starting in 2022 the membership will now be exclusively… Read More »

HANSON: Get out and vote!

WEEKLY PIC Last week, we had an amazing weekend of live music once again at Cain’s Ballroom featuring Shout It Out and Anthem plus the brand new song, Stronger. Who joined us for these shows?”

Why Hanson’s Singles Strategy Can Be A Hit In Any Industry

Zog Blog The fraternal trio is releasing its latest album one song at a time. Maybe that’s how you should debut your next project. The day before Hurricane Henri washed across New York, veteran pop star Taylor Hanson stepped to the plate in the 73rd annual Artists & Writers softball game in East Hampton. There was no need for guest… Read More »