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By | September 17, 2021

This month, we shared new music once again, the 5th song Stronger, from Against The World. Who saw it live from Cain’s ballroom for the first time?


We have been having a solid week working on a new project for next year. It is always hard when you take on something new, but you can’t help but be excited by the unknown. We are working hard ironing out final details for the coming 2022 concert tour, with any luck we will be sharing details before the end of the year. It is going to be so good to be back on the road, it can’t come soon enough.

This week is all about what’s happening online. We added three new features to the Hanson.net media player so now you can sort music by category, loop albums, and shuffle categories. They might seem like small things on their own, but anything that helps people find music faster, and enjoy more of it is exciting to us. As we all listen to music more and more from a phone or through a browser, we want Hanson.net to be the place to go to hear everything HANSON at the touch of a button.

Yesterday, we announced a new game of HNet Explorer, So, if you’re a Hanson.net member we hope you will make plans to play along every week in October. When we started hosting these online scavenger hunts back in July of 2020, we didn’t know how it would go, but it turned out to be a ton of fun and a great way for people to come together. With yet another game on the horizon, we’re excited to be scheming again trying to stump you with our encyclopedic knowledge (according to us), and often very strange clues.

Don’t forget to vote for our Listener’s Choice set-list. Every day new head to head polls are going up on Twitter and whatever wins is what we are going to play come October when we conclude the Against The World + streaming concert series. We’re only ten days in, so there is still a lot of voting before we know the final set, so rock the vote and next month we can rock out together!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Member Exclusive: HNet Explorer has been a very bright spot in the Hanson.net community this past year, but a very welcome one. We have loved seeing members from all over the globe enjoying the fun, and sharing their insights coaching fans through the obscure clues so everyone can add new Pins to their collection. We hope you are ready to play again, because we are going to be playing every week in October!

If you’re a Hanson.net member, RSVP in the calender section to let us know you plan to play.


For many members the best way to listen to our music is the Hanson.net Media Player. Browse from your phone or computer and members have instant access to nearly 30 years of music. We have just added three new features to make it even better.

  • Repeat Album
    • Listen to your favorite album on repeat.
  • Categories (Albums, Live, Podcast, Member EPs)
    • Find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Shuffle
    • Turn any category into HANSON Radio, or shuffle everything at once.

With the addition of these features, we are making it easier for you to enjoy all the music we have to offer and we are paving the way for even more music in the future.

Member Exclusive: Join HANSON for the latest HANSON Time Podcast on Friday, Sept 17th at 7pm CT

Check the Hanson.net store for the latest merchandise additions including the new Against The World Viewer and reels!

Member Exclusive: We are pleased to announce the dates for HANSON Day 2022 in Tulsa. The full event schedule will be coming later this year, but if you’re planning to come mark May 12th -14th on your calendar. If you are planning to stay in downtown Tulsa, hotel rooms at the Fairfield just down the street are now on-sale to Hanson.net members.

Member Exclusive: Join HANSON Sunday October 3rd for a Members Only Nightcap. Celebrate the release of ONE and the completion of the ATW + concert series.

Join Hanson for their monthly concert series featuring brand new music from their 2021 release Against The World, PLUS unique set lists each night featuring a selection of their favorite songs from one of their six previous studio albums.

Tickets available now for both in-person and streaming! Click here for more information.

OCTOBER 1 – 2 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom

October shows are Listener’s Choice so be sure to vote daily on Twitter for your favorite songs!

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